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atlass ridgebacks in their battle ground, wa, pasture

               atlass on the trail

At home in the Pacific Northwest

My name is Lorilee Torrey and I am the breeder and RR lover behind atlass ridgebacks.  Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, atlass and I are now located in Bay City, OR and Battle Ground, WA. Our Battle Ground home is a 3 acre, "Ridgeback Ranch" located in a truly bucolic setting near Battle Ground Lake. Our Bay City home is just north of Tillamook on the wildly beautiful coast of Oregon. The dogs and I are thrilled to be living in these amazing places and can often be found enjoying the great outdoors. Whether at the beach or on the trail, at home or in the show ring, atlass ridgebacks are superb companions and wonderful dogs.

the atlass family in their battle ground
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